Wednesday, October 21, 2009

October 21, 2009: The Mouse Must Die

LOLSCHACH's Journal: October 21, 2009:

Received call from Dreiberg today. Haven't heard from him in quite a while. Found it odd. Rumor he's currently touring the world. Asked LOLSCHACH to ship him chocolate-covered bacon. Fatty.

Denied his request. Told him about new exercise routine LOLSCHACH has started, P90x. Gets LOLSCHACH pumped. Dreiberg did not seem enthusiastic. Quickly changed subject.

"LOLLY (hate that), Have you heard? About the coolest game ever? I mean it's like Disney grew some balls-"

Hung up on Dreiberg immediately. Cannot stand corporate whores. Remind me of Veidt.
Sucker children in young age. Suck the life blood out of Americans. Get them hooked on inferior products.

Veidt. Hate him.

Remember good old days of Disney. Important Part of LOLSCHACH's youth. Now Disney shills out whores with identity conflicts and boys who preach abstinence while grinding against their guitars.

Decide Disney must be stopped once and for all. Decide to be ironic and cause the Mouse to fall to his death like so many others.

But first, must do some research. Seems the Mouse had embarrassed himself in a recent incident, revealing to the masses that he had been playing them like a harp from hell. Public quickly forgot. But LOLSCHACH never forgets.

Look for Disney's next step after previous incident. Codenamed "Epic Disney".

Wow. Impressed. All is forgiven, Disney.


  1. LOLSCHACH!!! We missed you so! :D

  2. I wonder what LOLLY did for Halloween.

  3. I bet he had a party

  4. Is LOLly gunna be around for christmas??

  5. I hope he will be.