Tuesday, April 28, 2009

April 28, 2009: Disney

LOLSCHACH's Journal: April 28, 2009

Went to movie theater again today. Not interested in seeing anything. Only place I can pour melted butter onto sugar cubes for free. While pouring butter, look up at big screen TV in lobby playing trailers. See teaser for latest Walt Disney animated feature film.

Disgusting. Woman contemplates having oral sex with small green amphibian. It is LOLSCHACH's understanding that kissing is what "oral sex" is. Wouldn't know. Avoid all things sexual. Whatever the case, it is sick and it is wrong. Have already dealt with furries and their bestiality-related cravings. Now impressionable children are being brainwashed into believing such heinous and immoral acts are acceptible?

No. Disney has crossed the line.

Tremendous shame. Seeing former bastion of wholesome family entertainment corrupted in such a fashion. Woman comitting unspeakable acts upon helpless animal is African American. Horrible. Racist. Recall days when Walt Disney was above such things. Treated African American characters with dignity. Respect.

Recall other Disney animated film made a few years back. "Mulan". About Oriental woman. Cross-dresser. Possible lesbian. Tremendously inappropriate and offensive portrayal of Orientals in general. Again reminded of better times, when Disney were above such ignorant generalizations.

Oddly, Disney has yet to make animated film focusing strictly on Jewish cast. Have not seen Jewish character in Disney animation since 1930s.

Simpler times. Better times.

Awareness of Disney's intent on corrupting children across the globe spurs me into action. Toss sugar cubes aside. Drink butter straight from tap. Am kicked out of movie theater. Hijack plane. Arrive in Hollywood. Busy day.

Turns out Walt Disney died in 1966. Hurm.

Resolve to exhume corpse and rough it up some. Locate Disney's grave. Had heard rumors he had been cryogenically frozen to be revived at later date. Preposterous. Dig up coffin.


Perhaps rumors warrant investigation. Begin closing coffin. Feel something strange; hidden in fabric lining. Pull it out. Framed picture.

Mystery thickens.


  1. *shudders* that mickey mouse pic scares the CRAP outta me. o__O"

  2. amazing picture that one, looks like the leader of the blue meanies from "the yellow submarine"