Monday, April 27, 2009

August 03, 1957: Wubbulous

Excerpt from "The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seusschach", published August 03, 1957.

Veidt had an evil scheme he'd been plotting for months,
So Seusschach rushed right out to go stop him at once!

He hurried to Veidt's base at the peak of Mount Crumpet,
Veidt knew he was coming, but thought nothing of it.

Seusschach kicked the door in and found Veidt reclining,
To break all Veidt's bones is what he'd been pining!

Slowly Veidt stood up, his adversary now met,
Predictable as ever, Seusschach sounded a threat:

"You are no hero! You are only a clown!
You are a madman! A dog! You must be put down!"

And then Veidt chortled loudly, "Seusschach...You jest!
You came all the way here to put me to rest?!"

"You cannot thwart my plan. It's over! It's finished!
I did it one half hour five minutes!"

Seusschach then felt a rage like none felt before,
A rage never induced by punk, thug or whore!

Burning up inside, he lunged fiercely at Veidt,
And so they engaged in a terrible fight!

To the balcony they fought, Veidt leading the stride,
But Seusschach was not beat; he kicked Veidt off the side!

Veidt clung to the edge, but was losing his grip,
He pouted and sobbed, yet continued to slip!

Veidt then gazed upward, crying "Save me, my foe!"
Seusschach looked back down and just whispered "No."

Veidt shrieked like a girl as he fell from the pulpit,
It was a five mile drop from the peak of Mount Crumpet!

To lose to a vagrant; Veidt had not forseen that,
But his musings were cut short by a THUD! and a SPLAT!

Seusschach was content having now saved the day,
Then he heard a DING! coming from kitchen's way!

Baked for thirty-five minutes was Veidt's "evil" plan:
A delectable cake made from real marzipan!

"Hurm", Seusschach said. "I guess I made a mistake.
But since Veidt's not around, I'll help myself to some cake."

LOLSCHACH's Journal: April 27, 2009

Always enjoyed Uncle Seusschach's books as a child. LOLSCHACH's adulthood shaped by their valuable lessons: "No compromises", "Dogs get put down" and "Always OK to kill Veidt".

Morals to live by.


  1. whatta cute that's what I call poetry! :D

  2. Great entry. Been reading this journal for a few days, and I love it.

    Can I just suggest you change it to "To break all Veidt's bones is FOR what he'd been pining!"? It may be more grammatically correct.

  3. o.o It's so cuddly. Really cuddly. and I totally chuckled and the whole 'whisper "no"' thing.