Thursday, May 28, 2009

May 28, 2009: Disney--Further Investigation

LOLSCHACH's Journal: May 28, 2009

Recent investigations into the world of Walt Disney have uncovered a terrible darkside. Racism. Sexism. Antisemitism. Siamese cats playing the piano with chopsticks.

Exhumed Walt Disney. Empty casket. Hurm. Fear the dark spectre of his shadow continues to loom over generations of youth, corrupting them with a never ending stream of bile and hate.

"Never ending"... Of Course.
The Jew-hating zombie of Walt Disney is behind the endless cascade of quality-challenged straight-to-video sequels of classic Disney films. So long as film series continue, their malignent messages of paranoia and despair can continue perpetually onward.

Must stop this. Make it a priority. After The Simpsons.

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