Friday, May 29, 2009

May 29, 2009: Robot Sighting


Dreiberg left his computer on. Apparently was doing research on top-secret military schematics as opposed to toys and pornography. Curiosity got the better of me.

Led me to this site. Had to wade through Japanese encoding and lewd pop-ups before finding something... shocking.

A new clue to add to the Mission City investigation. Truckers appear to be conspiring with military, aliens: donating flame-painted, homosexual Peterbuilt trucks for use to create robotic titans capable of mating with fighter jets. Result is horrific, undeniably awesome amalgamation of the two.

Comment under top-secret photos only said, "Revenge is Coming... in My Pants."

Do not understand this cryptic statement. Wish to not explore whose pants, exactly.

Will keep possibility of robot Armageddon in mind.

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