Monday, September 14, 2009

September 14, 2009: Veidt Sighting

LOLSCHACH's Journal: September 4, 2009:

Have been busy. No time to collect notes on congressman's health-care "Town Hell" meeting.

Have just enough time to post breaking news. Been monitoring New York Fashion Week, expecting Veidt to surface. Felt likely. Not sure why.

Unpleasant experience. Am more at home in ghettos and dive bars. Better class of people. Tend to leave fashionistas to their heroin and appletinis.

But sometimes, patience rewarded.

See here. Photographic proof.

Hiding behind assumed identity and dark glasses, true. But who else could it be? Thought he could fool LOLSCHACH by leaving off his trademark "V" cufflinks.

Hurm. LOLSCHACH is no fool.

Cool breeze last night, like icy groans of Lucifer from pit of Inferno. Reminded me of holes in overcoat. Fall approaching. Possibly time to update look? Must remember to investigate.


  1. No LOLSCHACH! Don't ever change! Must never compromise!

  2. He would look good with goggles.