Friday, September 4, 2009

September 4, 2009: Government Plan

LOLSCHACH’s Journal: September 4, 2009:

Went to newsstand, picked up today’s Morning Minuteman. Saw editorial, stuck between advertisements for disaster survival kits and Bible prophecy videos. Said congressman would be holding “town hall” meeting this weekend. Would be asking constituents for feedback on health-care reform. Editorial called on readers to show up in force, voice opposition to “government plan.”

Hurm. LOLSCHACH does not share some right-wingers’ blanket distaste for government plans. Was always fond of Manhattan Project. Even approved of adulterer Kennedy’s plan to beat Communists to moon. Liked Star Wars.

Still, many government plans terrible. For example, despise Jack Bauer. Bad planning. Mollycoddles terrorists. Sometimes even lets them live.

Am now planning to attend this “town hall” meeting, investigate this “government plan.” Congressman is liberal smooth-talker. Will enjoy seeing him heckled by honest men, men like my father and President Truman, who believe in a day’s work for a day’s pay. But will also be glad if hecklers turn violent: will justify my use of force in subduing them. Possibly a can’t-lose scenario?

Good plan.

Spent evening hunting for purse-snatchers. Success. Many credit cards. Used one to order disaster survival kit.

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