Friday, May 22, 2009

April 20, 1955: The Ballad of Wild Willy Warschach

"The Ballad of Wild Willy Warschach" by Davey 'the Dude' Dreiberg. Released on Columbia Records, April 20, 1955.

It was the dead of night and beneath moonlight, Warschach was cuttin' loose.
This feller, he never compromised, cuz only cowards make a truce.

Off he rode in the bitter cold, over hills 'n 'cross the plains.
Been ridin' straight two days 'n' nights, grippin' hard down on the reigns.

Just why he did, well it's been said, Warschach had a score to settle.
'Gainst some cuss named Nikola Veidt, who'd dared to test his mettle.

Now it's a fact, that feller Warschach, never backed down from a fight.
He'd hunt that polecat Veidt on down 'n teach him wrong from right.

'N teach him wrong from right.

Warschach! The name's Warschach!
Don't know it? Well then, son, you'd better learn!
Cuz Warschach! Yes, Warschach!
He can tear you down with nothin' but a "Hurm"!

Well it's the truth, says my aunt Ruth, so you listen well 'n good.
Warschach's persistence, it paid off, when he caught up to that hood.

Veidt was a man who had a plan to save the Wild West,
By blowin' up the towns 'n farms 'n make a heapin' mess!

The dude was nuts, but had some guts to threaten Wild Willy Warshach.
He figured himself the best there was 'n proclaimed it matter-of-fact.

But Warschach was no fool 'n kept his cool in the face of certain death.
He'd fight that ornery Veidt all night, even to his dyin' breath.

Even to his dyin' breath.

Warschach! The name's Warschach!
A tougher man the West had never seen!
Warschach! That's Warschach!
As ugly as his attitude was mean!

With his quarry met 'n of little threat, Warschach clenched both his fists.
When he was done, there'd be nothin' left, but a haze of bloody mist.

Now Veidt tweren't scared 'n came prepared, cuz he had a jaw made outta wicker.
He'd teamed up with some kinda freak; a glowin' blue city slicker!

This big blue man with the glowin' tan was naked as the day he was born,
'N with nothin' but the wave of his hand, he left Warschach ripped 'n torn!

Just like I said, Warschach was dead, in the blink of a heifer's eye,
But dyin' didn't bug him none, 'n let me tell you why.

'N let me tell you why.

Cuz Warschach! Yes, Warschach!
Looked the Reaper square between the eyes!
'N Warschach! That Warschach!
He still refused to ever compromise!

LOLSCHACH's Journal: May 22, 2009

Attempts to suppress existence of ancestor, Wild Willy Warschach, may prove to be impossible. Chart-topping ballad from 1955 has ensured his place in country music history.

Will never forgive Dreiberg bloodline for this. Never.

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