Tuesday, April 7, 2009

April 07, 2009: Veidt's "Boys" Folder

LOLSCHACH's Journal: April 07, 2009.

Veidt. Possible homosexual. Must investigate further.

Have been investigating further since 1987. Twenty-two years. Unable to attain irrefutable evidence. Frustrating. Disheartening. No matter. Will determine nature of Veidt's sexual orientation at all costs.

It's sort of a hobby.

March 21 investigation of Veidt's office and computer files turned up potential lead: folder labeled "Boys".

Unfortunate, unexpected case of paralyzing dysentery prevented me from accessing folder at the time. No such ailment, now. Will click on folder, open it and view contents. Expect to at last achieve closure in longest unsolved case in LOLSCHACH's career.

Opening folder...

FILE 01:


FILE 02:

Where...Where did he get that?

FILE 03:

No. Nonononono.

FILE 04:


Veidt's Diary: April 7, 2009

Dear Diary,

Lolschach should be in my office right about now, looking at that decoy "Boys" folder I left on my computer. I hope the security cameras get a good shot of the look on his face. It'll be sooo worth all the broken windows and furniture.

This ought to keep him off my trail for another couple of decades. Oh Lolschach, you silly goose.

Whoops! Two and a Half Men is back on! Gotta go, Diary. Write to you soon!




  1. Hahaha! Oh, god... that was hilarious!

  2. And the sad thing is...there's probably even more traumatizing fan art on deviantart.

  3. Posing for fangirls, I see.

  4. dumb Veidt, must remember to head-tackle him laters.

    well...not all fanart is that err, disturbing. (I tend to avoid pics like the ones above)

    here's one that might cheer you up:

    enjoy! :)

  5. Where did Ozymandias get that pic of Rorschach? I'll tell you where... he got it from MEEE!!

  6. That was amazingly funny! I really hope that it doesn't keep Lolschach away from the trail for too long!!

  7. ...And to this day, people are still creating more and more failures at porn. Rorschach is Rorschach now.

    All of his bodily fluids should be symmetrical...