Friday, March 13, 2009

March 13, 2009: Fish Fry

LOLSCHACH's JOURNAL: March 13, 2009

Overslept today. Woke up with face still on. Groggy, tried to drink coffee with face. Unsuccessful. New blot is a reminder to remove face before sleep. Coffee stain on coat dries to a unique shape, breathing new life in such old fashion, forming a new, dark, aromatic continent. Like an eclipse at the moment of a caffeine supernova. Beautiful.

Stomach grumbled.

Walked down to diner. Closed. "Grease fire". Possible arson? Must investigate further. Found flier floating around in the broken concrete sidewalk advertising "fish fry".

Corner of Tyler and Harrison. The building and its steeple stretch up. Trying to touch the face of God.

Hurm. Keep trying.

Walked among the others without true face. They did not know. No one does. Surprised. People put on best face. Their discrepancies hidden while gathered inside. Did not feel disgusted for first time in months.

Food adequate. Catfish sat on tray, laying comfortably next to a side of slaw. Hush puppies slept at its feet. Like a food family, murdered in it sleep. Mused over the irony of the catfish's passing. Lived in water. Fried in water. Like being in a room of pure oxygen, breathing in its purity, then lighting a match and inhaling an inferno. Life turns to smoke, grease. To be consumed by worms and the earth.

Consumed by LOLSCHACH.

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  1. i used to make inkblot test sheets using coffee stains on paper once actually