Wednesday, March 11, 2009

March 12, 2009: Comic Book Store

LOLSCHACH'S JOURNAL: March 12, 2009:

Follow-up on investigation into Watchmen figures. Went among the scum to squeeze them. Informed of possible sighting at local comic store.

Broke in back door. Lock too easy. Did not wish to face the filth of barely clothed smirking Japanese girls plastered on the walls. Pedophiles finding comfort with the thought they can find love in drawings of underage girls in short skirts. No. Wrong. Perverted. And wrong. Love? There is no love. Not in this world. Just selfish rats crawling over each other for the next piece of cheese. Love is nothing but an illusion for the vermin.

Searched and found the face of black and white staring back at me. No grey. No mixing. Beautiful. Grabbed it before a fat slob with a grease stained t-shirt came back. Flipping through his pornography of a comic book with chocolate covered fingers. Deviant.

Dropped the object. The human boil soiled himself while made an example of. Left as a warning to all the perverts and pornographers that I would return if necessary.

Until then, obtained what was needed.

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