Saturday, March 14, 2009

March 14, 2009: Nightmare

LOLSCHACH'S Journal: March 14, 2009:



Walk into room. Find a whore practicing her craft inside a bath tub. The two become one. A monster, chasing after me. Scurrying about on four legs. Gaping jaws.

Woke up to sharp kick to side. Startled for a moment. Had passed out on the street. Had taken face off. Looked up. Saw six year old girl with blue hair. "That's what you get for being homeless," she screamed. Hurm.

Left bad taste in mouth. Needed fresh air. New environment. Walked inside local mall. Playground of the middle and upper class: a glass and concrete maze providing positive reinforcement to those caught up in the rat race.

And their spawn.

Passed giggling girls painted like whores. No older than fifteen. Passed boys in need of hair cuts, wanting to look like whores. Told one that. He smirked, made inappropriate comment. Didn't like that. Made sure he knew.

Fools. Walk around like deviants their whole life. Born. Start young. Then join the rat race. Just like everyone else.

Everyone but LOLSCHACH.

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