Sunday, August 30, 2009

August 30, 2009: Psychotics

LOLSCHACH's Journal: August 30, 2009:

Night before last, checked glue trap in Park Place alley. Arrived too late. Thief had escaped. Did not leave many clues: fake Rolex, left arm, blood. Disappointing. Followed blood trail to nearby emergency room. Hurm. Must remember to investigate.

Yesterday, checked my drop. Received cryptic message. Postcard told me to "catch Mad Men this Sunday night." Probably warning from employee at insane asylum who has caught wind of escape plan. (Possibly my old therapist, Dr. Melvin Stout? Unlikely. Informant's initials are "amc.") Employee tried to warn his superiors. Shunted aside by bureaucracy. Knows the system is powerless to stop those who play by their own rules. Knows the bureaucrats' system is as mad and meaningless as rantings of the men in padded cells. Self-obsessed, like dog chasing own tail. Unmoored from black-and-white of objective reality.

Must remain vigilant throughout Sunday. Must catch these "madmen," put away the nightmares so that the other madmen, the madmen with lab coats and badges and three-piece suits, can retreat into their delusional dreamworld. Will be prowling rooftops while they sit in their snug homes, anaesthetizing selves with their heroin needles and "mature" cable television.

Only LOLSCHACH has the strength to face world as it really is.

Only LOLSCHACH is not mad.


  1. I agree, This reminds me of the old posts. really good.

  2. Appreciate your comments. Would like to claim I am doing day's work for day's pay. Unfortunately, do not get day's pay, ha ha. (Am not counting royalty checks from Veidt.)

    Short way of saying: All in day's work.