Thursday, August 27, 2009

August 27, 2009: Never Compromise

LOLSCHACH's Journal: August 27, 2009:

Yesterday, discovered efficient new way to apprehend neighborhood thieves. Involves fake bank bags and superglue. Got idea while looking at mice caught in glue trap. Obvious, really. Saved time. Gave me first spare half-hour I've had in weeks. Checked blog. Surprised to find comments. Anonymous readers concerned LOLSCHACH had quit.

Sickening thought. Invited comparison with Dreiberg. Very bad.

Have not quit. Could not quit. Compelled. But have been busy. Taking time to blog about current activities would leave too little time to carry them out. Too little time to investigate. Too few punishments to inflict. Would force me to compromise.

Will never compromise. Even in the face of Armageddon.

Appreciate your recent support, but Veidt has vanished, and headlines are meshing like gears of giant clock, approaching midnight.

Hurm. Think I hear distant whining. Possible coming from alley behind Park Place? Seem to remember leaving glue trap there. Must take Babysitter and investigate.

Like MacArthur, shall return. Will leave you with comment I posted to July 12 entry:
Busy summer. Heat brings out vermin like worms after August rain. Carjackings, burglaries, reality TV shows spread like mildew in the stagnant humidity. There are so many deserving of retribution. And there is so little time to blog about it.

Still have many questions to investigate. Veidt disappeared 57 days ago. Dreiberg, Uranjek, Blake all lying low. Disturbing pattern emerging. Again, higher priority than blog.

Been almost two months since last journal entry. Thought nobody cared but me. Wrong. Anonymous messages indicate readers noticed. Hurm.

Anonymous readers: You are good friends. I am sorry that it is sometimes difficult.

Will resume updates when possible. Nothing is hopeless. Not while there's life.

Be seeing you. Keep out of trouble.



  1. Yes, back on Internet.

    Never left the streets.

  2. awesome ....

    give them hell lolshach

  3. din,

    Impressive artwork. Very, very beautiful.

    But might attract wrong kind of attention. Do not accept job offer from Veidt, especially if involves living in artists' colony on remote island. Never ends well.


  4. Miss you l.o.l.schach! Hope you post soon and aren't dying of grievous injuries somewhere. :)