Monday, May 25, 2009

May 25, 2009: Nightmare

LOLSCHACH's Journal: May 25, 2009:

Another nightmare, this one about robots and dystopian futures. For some reason, Bruce Wayne and Russian Star Fleet member from previous nightmare run rampant through my dream. Odd. Russian Star Fleet member reminds me of another character from a dream long ago.

Dream leaves LOLSCHACH with nothing but confusion. Half man/Half machine wanders around through dream, yells occasionally for no reason. Bruce Wayne barks orders over radio. Half man/Half machine seems to develop relationship with prostitute. Dream poorly edited, jumps from place to place. Would prefer that dreams make logical sense. Unfortunately doesn't seem to occur too often. Ehhh.

Dream ends, nothing seems accomplished. No story told. Disappointed. Woke up, found Dreiberg had returned from hospital. Apparently disappointed in my upkeep of Roost. Call him ungrateful, turn over his couch. Show him. Now time to look for new hideout.


  1. Wow, that movie sucked!!!

  2. that's a cool pic of Reese.

    in the future why doesn't SkyNet use chemical warfare and poison gas to kill all the humans instead of bullets? just seems easier.