Thursday, April 30, 2009

April 30, 2009: Animality

LOLSCHACH's Journal: April 30, 2009

Been keeping tabs on Veidt. Always keep tabs on Veidt. Thinks he's so smart. Will slip up eventually. Then LOLSCHACH will be there to break his nose. Only a matter of time.

Caught wind of latest scheme. This could be it. Veidt working on new machine. Called the "Animality". Ray gun. Turns people into animals.

Or something like that. Probably.

Need more concrete evidence. Tap Veidt's phonelines. Narcissistic scumbag spends hour and a half discussing his plans with someone named "The Poolboy". Who is "The Poolboy" and what is his involvement in the Animality caper? Much of conversation is drowned out by static. Cheap, faulty equipment. Borrowed from Dreiberg. Must remind self to punch Dreiberg in stomach, later.

Hours pass. Maintain resolve. Patience pays off. Though conversation is muddled, single word makes it through static. "Cochschach". It's meaning is obvious. Veidt intends to use the Animality ray on LOLSCHACH, turning me into a cochroach.

Presumably that is what it would look like.

Must locate Veidt's lab. Destroy Animality ray. Wait until dark. 8pm. Veidt exits home and begins walking several blocks into sleaziest part of city. Trenchcoat collar pulled up over face. Moving at swift, awkward, paranoid pace. Doesn't want anyone to know where he's going.


Maintain surveillance of Veidt. Continue to shadow him. Eventually, track Veidt to his destination...


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