Saturday, April 4, 2009

April 04, 2009: Jury Duty

LOLSCHACH’s Journal: April 04, 2009:

Made mistake once back in my youth. Was idealist then. Wasn’t LOLSCHACH. Registered to vote. Stupid. Believed in candidate, reminded me of Truman. Last good president. Horrible blunder. Catch phrases convinced me. Foolish.

Mistake came back to haunt me today. Everyone must pay for sins. Justice must be served. But penalty harsh: Jury Duty.

Stuck in bureaucratic horror for hours. Lawyers in love with sound of their own voice. Judge nods off on bench. Debate over guilt. Evidence laid out. Boy stabs father. The end. Open-shut case.

Not for these fools. No. Must debate intent, motive, etc. Gag.

Eye boy. Nervous grin on face. Obviously counting on beating justice. I imagine him laughing at the verdict and skipping out to kill mother, aunt, uncle, grandpa. Becoming flushed as my anger starts to boil over. Recall Grice, convinced he would beat the rap. In name of justice, hacked him into little piec-- Hurm. Not how it happened. Moloch the Mystic modifying my memory perhaps?

Confused. Lost train of thought.

Judge informs us that verdict must be unanimous. Go back into jury room. Take early vote. 11-1. Guilty. Lone hold out, idealist. Number 8. Soon realize this man is fool, won’t change his mind.

Think back to boy , how he will cheat justice. Must not be allowed.

Come up with plan. All the while, 8 gains votes. Prides himself on his ability to redefine the case. Hate him.

Men shout for hours. I just think of the shouting the boy will be doing in hours. Begging for the mercy his father did not receive. Hurm.

Votes end. Others conform to 8. I play along.

Boy will get a visit from justice later. Justice with the face of LOLSCHACH.

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  1. XD Good use of 12 Angry Men. I found this entry pleasing. Good ending too.