Sunday, March 22, 2009

March 23, 2009: Dreiberg Visit

LOLSCHACH's Journal: March 23, 2009:

Caught whispers of possible Knot-Top rally. Looking to start gang riot. Remembered Dreiberg has grudge against Knot-Tops. Cannot recall why.

Considered paying him a visit. Would be interested. Could use the exercise.

Turns my stomach to think what a slob he's become. Imagined him whimpering about old days. Thinking about his life before impotence, soap opera watching, and yo-yo dieting.

Instead walked in only to see him pleasure himself while in Nite Owl uniform. Seen many disturbing things in my time. Mother. Roche case. Halle Berry masked adventurer movie.

But man crying while wearing costume two sizes too small for him commiting sexual deviancy one of the most revolting. Look of shock on his face. Attempted to stammer an excuse.

Dreiberg just another of the delinquents.

Disgusted. Left immediately. So disturbed forgot about Knot-Tops. Purchased Oreos. Went home.

Cookies comforting. Black. White. Creamy center. No mixing. Beautiful.


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