Tuesday, June 2, 2009

September 15, 1392: The Ballad of the Guardians

Men sing of Maiden Uranjek,
And rumored of her parentage.
Many thought it was Baron Blake
Who that great fiend tossed o'er the edge.

Fewer sing of poulter Dreiberg
And how he was consumed with lust
For the Maiden Uranjek, oh fool,
For it left naught but dreams of dust.

All marvel at that bless'ed Veidt,
The man of power and great wealth.
For he defended them from all
And was aid to those in bad health.

But few remember the poor 'Schach.
Though in their time of greatest woe,
All nobles and wenches would shout,
"Save us!" and he would whisper, "No."

LOLSCHACH's Journal: June 02, 2009:

Found a fragment of an old scroll. Supposedly a record of distant relative, Minstrelschach. Remember MILFSCHACH telling me childhood stories of Robin Hood and his merry men, possible connection? Hurm. Must remember to investigate further.

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