Friday, April 17, 2009

April 17, 2009: Rainy Day

LOLSCHACH's Journal: April 17, 2009:

The rain has been falling all day. Trying to wash the stain of blood and semen off of the streets. Pointless. Tried scrubbing the stairs outside my apartment once, spent hours. Was mocked and derided. Stairs remain dirty.

I get my exercise prowling the rooftops while thunder booms like a hammer hitting a gavel, judging the world: guilty. Now I must provide the punishment. Hear mugging going on in alleyway by the diner. Scramble down to it. Walk up behind the mugger, Asian male. Mid twenties. Take his head and slam it face first into the brick. Hand purse back to old lady. Slaps me and runs off. Surprised by her speed. Let her go. Next time she is mugged, LOLSCHACH will not stop it. Show her.

Walk opposite direction down the street away from ungrateful lady. The rain pouring down, soaking coat, feel chill. Not complaining though. LOLSCHACH is fine in any climate. Save tropical. Veidt tried to convince me to join him on Brazilian cruise once. Haven't considered journeying to the tropics since then. Probably full of homosexual Ricky Ricardos.

Walk past girl jumping rope. Taken aback at first. Why is a girl jumping rope in a downpour? The answer comes quickly. Hear her chanting, "April showers bring May flowers? What do May flowers bring?" Taunting me. Not unusual. Was taunted as a child, about appearance, body odor, mother's occupation. Never about lack of knowledge of May flowers. Hurm. Child repeats herself again. And again. And again.

Grab child by the collar of her dress, pull her up to my level. Looking her in the eyes while demanding an answer. The sound of her sobbing informs me she's crying. Tears mingle with rain while running down her cheeks. Repeatedly question her, she's too frightened to answer. Too frightened to mock LOLSCHACH now. Let her down, but keep firm grip on her. She finally answers. Then runs away. Makes no sense.


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