Wednesday, March 11, 2009

March 10, 2009: Campus Visit

LOLSCHACH's JOURNAL: March 10, 2009:

Paid visit to local campus. Fat girl with iPod and Che Guevara shirt passes by, scent of Doritos seeps from her pores. Squirrel climbs tree, looking for nuts.

Liberals, intellectuals, and elitists flutter about like pretentious flies guarding an ivory tower made of excrement. Car passes by. Rap music rattles my skull, rhyming babble containing a message about hubcaps and chains and death and big butts. Head hurts.

Found car in parking lot. Subaru. Possible college professor. Must investigate further.

Took picture of car's bumper stickers. Complicated politics reduced to witty catch phrases to be consumed by a public unwilling to think. Research easier when done while sitting behind the wheel, looking forward.

Professor did not know or bother to see how to spell "Pilate". LOLSCHACH knows. LOLSCHACH learned in grade school. Pilate was a governor. Pilot is a gas station.

I have seen the face of American education. I fear it.

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